We’re all about biologically appropriate diets –

foods that have a strong correlation to the ancestral diet of the animal being fed. Cats are obligate carnivores – little lions and tigers. Dogs are just one genetic link away from a wolf. Their dietary needs are quite similar and they do not include corn gluten meal.


These are our favorites:










Got a choosy cat or an indecisive dog? No problem- we have something for everyone. From crunchy to soft, from healthy single-ingredient freeze-dried snacks to treats made locally in Wisconsin, we have the hookup for even the most persnickety of pets!


Here’s some of what we carry:



Inaba – Churus, filets




We also have a variety of bulk dog treat offerings including (but not limited to) – bacon rolls, bully sticks, cow ears, cow hooves, duck feet, esophagus chews, ox tails, pig ears, rawhide products, bulk dog biscuits, and more!