Companion animal care doesn’t have to be costly or confusing.

Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to give you help and advice with whatever issue arises – free of charge. Our extensive pharmacy section has a remedy for whatever is ailing your pet and you! Here are just a few things we can help you out with:


Flea and tick prevention

is essential for any animal that goes outside. We carry spot-on prevention and collars by Advantage, Frontline, and Seresto, as well as natural sprays and dewormers such as Diatomaceous Earth and others.

Medical care doesn’t end at the vet’s office.

We have a large collection of soft Comfy Cones (no more hard plastic “Cones of Shame”!) as well as wound aftercare supplies. We can also hook you up with your everyday eye and ear cleaners from a variety of manufacturers.

Back from the vet and need to give meds? We have a variety of pill maskers and medicating supplies as well as a few tricks up our sleeves as to how to get the medicine to go down smoothly.

Dental care is essential

and we have all the tools you need, from standard enzymatic toothpastes in a variety of flavors to wipes, food and water additives, toothbrushes and dental chews. Never brushed your cat’s teeth before? Hit us up for tips and tricks to make it easier for the both of you!


Our supplement selection

is extensive and designed to help your pets with a variety of issues including joint care (with glucosamine/chondrotin products such as Cosequin to help lubricate and rebuild joint tissue), urinary issues (with pH balancing solutions such as cranberry and bladder soothing products such as Tinkle Tonic), and encouraging a healthy digestive system (with supplements like probiotics, enzymes, dehydrated pumpkin, and more). Whether you’re looking to ease the pain and recovery time of a current issue or to prevent issues before they happen – we can help you out.  


Hairballs are part of every cat’s life

and we can help you out with managing hairballs once they happen and/or preventing them all together. We carry a complete line of hairball relief products from petroleum-based laxatives, to more natural mineral-oil based laxatives, to Omega-3 treats and oils designed to improve the quality of the skin and fur and prevent hairballs before they even happen!

A good brush is hard to find….

and we have a large selection of combs, brushes, and grooming products to try out to find the perfect one! We also carry a variety of shampoos (such as our favorite Earth Bath) as well as wipes and waterless baths to make bathtime easy and stress-free.


Cats scratch.

It’s one of their natural instincts to both relieve stress and to mark their territories. The key is to get them to scratch on surfaces that are appropriate for both of you. We carry a bunch of products including Sticky Paws and Soft Claws to help with the retraining process, as well as behavioral advice to make the process go smoothly.


Got a scaredy cat or anxious pooch?

We have a ton of products and advice to help. Featured products include Comfort Zone with Feliway, Bach’s Rescue Remedy, and Thundershirts, as well as a variety of pheromone diffusers and collars, herbal remedies and treats.

Accidents happen-

and it’s important to clean them up properly when they do. We carry a complete line of enzymatic cleaners including Nature’s Miracle to help clean up urine, vomit, blood, and other organic messes on a variety of sensitive surfaces such as wood, carpet, upholstery, and concrete to name a few.


Most important is something that can’t be bottled or sold.

It’s the years of experience and training freely available from our expert staff. There is truly no question too obscure or embarrassing – we’ve all been there, and it’s our distinct pleasure to be able to help you out too. And if we don’t know the answer or have the product you need, we’ll find it for you. Stop on in or give us a holler.